Food waste from restaurants in UK

Author: Ann T. Lovell

Tones of food in trash cans while the poor sleeps hungry is the disrespect of the resources we are blessed with. Mass wastage of food happens in every restaurant where each night a big bag full of food is just thrown away! Here, a question must be asked; can’t this problem be fixed permanently? Optimizing food service will not only do justice to the resource but also increase the profit of the hotel. Restaurants generate a wide variety of wastes like plastic, food and bags. Waste removal could be achieved by an appropriate synchronization between the providers and consumers.

Trained Staff:

This could serve as an effective first layer of prevention. The cooking staff could be trained to gauge the need beforehand and produce content accordingly. The serving staff could also be trained to serve optimally and to handle the leftovers efficiently. They could also be taught to be prepared, well in advance, to deal with the waste which will be generated inevitably.

Food Wastage Audit:

A careful inspection of the type and content of the food being wasted could be noticed in this section and preventive measures against its wastage could be taken. This audit also takes into account the resources spent on giving the desired product and can also be used to optimally utilize those resources and maximize profit.


Mixing up all the waste into one huge pile makes it difficult to analyze and dispose. For that purpose, segregation of different types of waste must be done and then stored separately. These different bags of wastes could then be weighed and analyzed for auditing purpose.


What can a general public awareness not do? People must be reminded of the importance of food and the fact that it is not something to be taken for granted. If there is some leftover food then, they could parcel it and take it home or give it to the needy. In this way not only hungry mouths are fed, but also wastage is reduced.

Upgrade Equipments:

The instruments used for cooking, serving and disposal must be kept up-to-date, so that they make the most out of the resources they are provided with. These types of technical losses should be minimized the most to the ability of the organization. Serving utensils should be reused appropriately before disposing them.


Recycling the leftovers is the last, but one of the best solutions possible. Promote the use of recycled materials in the restaurants wherever possible. But there are other types of wastes as well, which include non-degradable materials like plastic bottles, cans and bags. These objects are difficult to decompose and hence must go through proper treatment before disposing them off.

With proper awareness and willingness amongst the people and the organizations to eliminate waste, all the types of wastes could be dealt with efficiently. By making the most of the resources, the profits could also be maximized and waste removal service London will help create a green environment for everyone.